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The principle of how solar lighting works is actually quite simple and easy. The physical explanation behind why it is possible to collect the solar energy and transform it into lighting lies in the photovoltaic solar panels effect which is being used in a solar panel or photovoltaic cell that is able to collect the solar energy (i.e. the green energy that is produced by the Sun) throughout the day-time.

After being collected, the energy is usually stored in a rechargeable gel cell battery or Li-battery and used later in the evening when there is no sunlight to produce lighting. The light is being turned on by an intelligent controller which is switching on the LED light using the energy that has been stored.

The panel itself consists of numerous layers of crystalline silicon as well as various chemicals that can make layers of negatively charged electrons and positively charged spaces. After passing through the solar cell, the sunlight activates negatively-charged electrons and pressures them into the positively-charged spaces.

Solar lighting is mainly used to provide outdoor lighting during the evenings and night-time. It is used both in streetlights as well as be used for smaller areas such as your garden or courtyard.

Color temperature:
White 6500K
Working model:
3 working models + remote control
Rechargable by solar
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